The Abbot     
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       Greetings, fellow truth seekers!

       As Abbot of the Blind, Left-Handed Monks of the Transylvanian Alps and leader of the Church of Icha, I am

   the official voice for both.

      Official inquiries from government agencies, foreign heads of state, leaders of other religions and the media

   are primarily my responsibility to respond to.

      The hand and seal of the Abbot are required in order to ordain ministers in the Church of Icha and to accept

   novices into our monastery.

      Despite the position of leadership I occupy as Abbot, I am also accept the same duties that all the

   clergy of our order embrace: being Abbot simply adds additional responsibilities.

      I am available to provide wisdom to the troubled and knowledge to the curious, both within our order and to

   the world at large.

      I may most easily be reached via email:      discountdragonstudios(at)gmail(dot)com  

      I cannot always guarantee a prompt reply, however, I shall endeavor to reply to all sincere correspondence in

   a fairly timely matter.

      I shall post my thoughts here from time to time as well as certain types of announcements.


      ~The Abbot~