Holidays of The Church of Icha      
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         When one contemplates joining a new religion, one must ask oneself the profound philosophical question:

       "What days will this get me out of work?"



Birthday        The day of each member's birth is a holy day and should be spent in contemplation of one's path in life,

   prayers  of thanksgiving and  gathering with family and friends to acknowledge the joy and blessings that they

   bring to one's life.

      Exchanging presents and eating cake are good, but should not be the sole focus of this day.



Pirate Holiday       Pirate Holiday is similar to Christmas and is celebrated the day after Christmas.

      Pirate Holiday is celebrated with a decorative mast in place of a tree, and gifts in treasure-chest shaped

   boxes are exchanged.

      Gifts exchanged on Pirate Holiday are commonly either pirate-themed, or stolen, often from family or friends.



The Three Cheeses       The Three Days of Cheese are floating holidays that can be taken at any time during the year when meditation

   and reflection become necessary. They may be taken together or separately.

      The Three Days of Cheese are days to retreat and contemplate the mysteries of existence and one's path

   through life and to correct one's course if needed.

      During the Three Days of Cheese, one should partake of  calming and grounding experiences, such as

   trying new cheeses, tasting exotic honeys, taking bubble baths, or spending a day fishing.       



Halloween        This holiday is a time for dressing in costume, trick-or treating and going to parties.

      Pirate costumes are encouraged, in honor of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

      Halloween is also a holiday dedicated to exploring the afterlife and attempting to contact departed family

   and friends.

      The Church of Icha encourages direct investigation into the nature of reality by way of the Occult and

   Halloween is the holiday dedicated to this.

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