The Holy Land of The Church of Icha      
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              Behold, the Holy Land of our faith.

              It is written that we shall travel to this land and plant the seed that shall

                 grow and cover the earth, breaking the bonds that separate and enslave.

                   Woe betide tyrants and the madmen that slaughter and shackle the sons and

                 daughters of the earth.

              It is in the Transylvanian Alps that we shall build our greatest monastery

                 and it is from those mountains that change shall come.

                We shall bring our message to the people of Transylvania and lead them to

                    their rightful  place as leaders of men.

                 This land shall become a great and shining light that all men shall turn to

                    when seeking justice and guidance. 

                 This beleaguered land shall rise again.


               ~The Abbot~